WCU Welcomes Its Fifth Artistic Director, Danielle Bridges!

Danielle Bridges received her B.M. in Vocal Music Education from the University of Central Arkansas and her M.A. in Choral Conducting and Pedagogy from the University of Iowa. During her studies, Ms. Bridges discovered a particular interest in developing creative, communal textual analysis and nonverbal communication methods for use during choral rehearsals. She is a proponent for music by women composers and founded the Iowa Women’s Music Collective to advocate for the research and performance of music by women. Ms. Bridges has been selected to share her research at conferences including the International Voice Foundation Symposium and the inaugural Theorizing African-American Music conference.

In addition to her experience teaching choral music in contexts ranging from middle school to community choirs for singers in retirement communities, Ms. Bridges has served as a choral consultant for public and private schools. She serves as Bel Canto Chorus's Production and Volunteer Manager and is the current Director of Music at Community United Methodist Church in Elm Grove, WI, where she conducts the Chancel Choir, Clarion Bells, and Festival Choir.

Reach out to Danielle by email (conductor@choralunion.org) or by phone 262-238-3454

To prepare to hire the next Artistic Director, board members assembled a search committee including singing board members, non singing board members, the board president, and singing members who were not on the board.  Danielle applied for the position and the search committee was thrilled to see her experience and vision for the chorus.  Danielle interviewed with the search committee and “passed” with flying colors!  She then came to direct a portion of Choral Union rehearsal.  The search committee wanted the members of the chorus to have input on the candidates ability to run rehearsal and get a feel for whether they believed the candidate could further the Choral Union and its mission.  We were pleased to get the feedback of the singing members and their positive regard for Danielle!  After the search committee made the recommendation to the board to hire Danielle, the board unanimously approved.  We are thrilled to have Danielle with us.  Welcome!

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