Waukesha Choral Union is always looking for the assistance and support of non-singing individuals who are drawn to choral music and who thrive on making a difference in their community! Although this role is often filled by spouses and friends of WCU Members, and by our Community Director-at-Large Board participants, all are welcome to apply by contacting president@ChoralUnion.org, or membership@ChoralUnion.org .  See the form below for all the ways you could be involved!

We thank you for your interest!


Crew Duties Form

Name: __________________________________

 Waukesha Choral Union – Crew Duties 


  • Concert set-up/take-down: Work with the staff/volunteers at each concert venue to make sure the performance space is set up appropriately (Risers, music stands, chairs, etc.). Help with set up and take down.
  • Music Librarian: Copy and distribute music to the choir members before each concert. Help keep the WCU’s music library organized and in order.
  • Rehearsal set-up/ take-down: Make sure risers are set up and taken down and the piano is ready for each rehearsal. After rehearsal, do a sweep of the area to make sure everything has been cleaned up. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to rehearsal.
  • Ticket Distribution/collection: Prepare envelopes with tickets for each choir member and hand them out before each concert. Collect tickets that aren’t distributed. Understand pricing structure.
  • Wardrobe Management: Understand wardrobe requirements and help new members order appropriate concert dress. Make sure all members meet the dress code.


  • Retreat Committee: Help organize and plan retreat meals and lunch activity (fall and spring).
  • Fundraising: Participate or lead in specific semester activities, such as Allo’ Chocolate and Colectivo Coffee sales.


  • Ad sales: Assist in asking local companies to buy an ad for the WCU concert program. Focus on getting all of last year’s companies to get an ad this year and find new businesses who are interested in contributing.
  • Archivist: Collect articles, pictures and press releases about the WCU and file them for the marketing director.
  • Distributing posters: Hang up posters around Waukesha County before each concert in downtown Waukesha businesses, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, churches, etc. Delegate different areas in the community and assign choir members to help.
  • Donations/Grants: Help find new donor prospects. Introduce them to a board member. Invite guests to concerts or meet with them to give them more information about the WCU. Look for new grant opportunities.
  • Graphics: Assist marketing director with designing marketing materials, pictures on the website, logo, etc.
  • Mailing lists maintenance: When needed, update WCU mailing list at the beginning and end of the season and after each concert.
  • Social Media: Assist with updates, posts, pictures and events on the WCU Facebook page.

Do you have any additional talents that you would like to share with the WCU?  (i.e. Photography, graphic design, public speaking, etc.)  Please let us know in the space below and give it to a Board member or return to our WCU PO Box!



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